About Us

Vedant Cultural Center (VCC) has been a primary place for Hindu worship and Indian cultural activities since the purchase of the property at 10224, Nash lane in 2005. Vedant Society of Arkansas (VSA) has also been providing priest service at VCC and in devotees’ homes for Central Arkansas community for the past 10 years. An authentic Hindu Temple and a Cultural Center has been a long-standing dream of VSA since its inception in 1989. We are highly pleased to announce that this dream is coming to fruition! Since the announcement of this effort at VSA-Diwali in October 2017 and renaming of the temple in November 2017, we have been making a steady progress in this project. With approximate cost of 1.1-1.2 million, we need to raise $800,000. We are accepting donations for construction funds.

The completion of the project will further enhance devotional, cultural, educational, spiritual and social experiences of our community in Central Arkansas at-large.

We invite you to be an active participant in this project by donating your time, services, and financial support to the best of your capability. With God’s grace and your generous support, we anticipate the completion of the phase I by the end of 2018!

Please bookmark this page and visit frequently for updates and ongoing progress of the project. You are welcome to direct any inquiries about the project to shivavishnutemplelr@gmail.com.